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Our History

Transka Tankers was established in 1972 by Ali Kemal Akbaşoğlu. Following his retirement in 1986, his two sons; Emin Akbaşoğlu and Metin Akbaşoğlu took over the management of the company. Two brothers rapidly grew the company in chemical and product tanker shipping and became one of the leading entrepreneurs to invest in new buildings in Turkey in the early 2000’s. Following 2000’s, the company dramatically changed its strategy by selling all its vessels aiming to renew the existing fleet and build a much more modern and sophisticated fleet in order to satisfy technological and environmental requirements for both clients and the industry. Between years 2000-2010, Transka managed to successfully build 11 vessels.

Although the global crisis in the early 2009’s, company has continued to invest in new buildings and renewing its fleet with further second-hand acquisitions. With the addition of two sister chemical tankers to its fleet in 2015, Transka has continued enlarging its fleet respectively in the upcoming years. In 2020, company has taken decision to activate its newbuilding programme taking consideration of the recent environmental concerns and took delivery of a 11,250 DWT modern tanker after more than a 10-year period.